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RFID tags

Offer more to your guest and give them the experience of a lifetime!

The PortaPOS point-of-sale system offers many features to spoil your guest. A unforgettable experience for your guest is free advertising that will give many benefits in return! For example when you think of the possebilities to register sales onto a personal customer account where your guest has the total freedom to move around without his wallet and where he can relax, have lunch, dinner, where he can party or enjoy sports. That is what we call vacation!


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Advanced interface with payment terminal


Not in all situations, the electronic interface between the POS and the card
payment terminal is a must but in the retail and fastfood businesses this
choice is made quickly if you think about the benefits like speed and the
automatic and accurate transfer of the total amount from the POS to the PIN
No manual entry of the amount on the payment terminal prevents mistakes. All
PortaPOS point-of-sale systems are as standard certified for the interface
with the affordable ipp-250 card payment terminal from Paqar. This payment
terminal is much cheaper then most others because the transaction receipt
is printed by the POS printer which saves costs for a printer and base
station in the payment terminal.

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Barcode Scanning


More and more hotels, beach pavillions and businesses in the sport &
wellness branche run besides a restaurant also a shop.
As a standard feature in the PortaPOS point-of-sale systems it is possible
to register products accurate and fast by using barcode scanning.
Next to the advantage of speed, the benefit of barcode scanning is also
saving costs because the products do not have to be labelled with a price or
re-labelled when the price goes up.

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A5 size customer bill by a Windows printer


PortaPOS systems can print a full colour A5 size customer bill with every standard Windows colour printer. Design your own bill header and footer images and change your bill layout when you want a different design at Valentines Day. Most Windows colour printers can be preloaded with a stack of A5 sized blank bill’s which are automatically loaded one by one.

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Kitchen Monitor System


Suitable for as well fastfood companies as restaurants

The PortaPOS KMS system is operated through it’s big 22 inch touch screen. The touch screen panel is made of glass which makes it easy to clean with different cleaning substances and it is better protected against scratching by the intensive use in kitchens.

Fastfood functionality

Orders that are entered on the point-of sale system randomly because the customer places his order that way, will be show on the KMS monitor in consolidated product lines and sorted by the type of product. Seperate colours can be used for showing products from different categories. This provides a good overview to scan the orders and quickly see how many portions of fries in total need to be baked for the next new orders.

Restaurant functionality

Table orders which are entered as seperate items and unsorted because they are entered at the table with a mobile ordering device seperately per person with a starter, a main course and dessert, are shown consolidated and sorted in courses on the Kitchen Monitor System. Special cooking instructions with a individual product will cause that the specific product it not automatically consolidated with the same products in this order. This gives a perfect overview on the tableorders in the kitchen. Especially interesting with the KMS system is that from the POS, the waiter is able to send the request to finish a specific course in a specific table order. That request is then shown in the original table order and course in a highlighted remark. In a normal situation a new kitchen order ticket would have been printed on a kitchen printer which could easily be overseen on busy hours.

The PortaPOS KMS system can be manually set with a custom number of collumns and font size. It is also possible to set a timer that starts orders to blink when no actions are taken after a certain amount of time.

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Mobile Manager Access

PortaPOS Manager
With the POSnet Mobile Manager Access to the administration with smart phone, laptop or tablet computer, every manager is informed timely and accurately. Real-Time information is of great importance for managers to be able to steer the business into another direction. Through the POSnet internet web interface it is possible to provide a direct insight of the situation about sales per employee, per category or per product. Also the number of opened tables with the sales amount per table and actual total sales amount is available at every time of the day from a remote location. Next to being able to report on the actual real-time sales, this interface offers the liberty to generate these reports for every desired period. Through the mobile manager access to the administration it is also possible to make adjustments in product prices that are real-time updated in the point-of-sale system.


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Extended Report Functions

POSnet offers insight in sales in many different ways. Every report can be generated over a certain period in days and time. After generating a sales report you can choose to print the report by receiptprinter or Windows A4 page printer. To give you more options, POSnet provides an export to PDF, Excel and HTML format. Sales reports that POSnet provides are for instance:
– financial report (total sales, methods of payment, tax and sales groups)
– sales per product
– sales per sub categorie
– sales per employee
– sales per table
– detailed report of product sales per employee
– detailed report of product sales per table
– sales of diner vouchers with detailed overview of “diner vouchers outstanding”
– customer sales
– food delivery report with sales amount and delivery time for bringing the food orders

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CallerID function for Catering & Food Delivery

CallerID function for Catering & Food Delivery

The POSnet touchscreen software provides special features for restaurants that deliver food to your home address. POSnet can connect to the telephone line that is used to take your home delivery orders. During an incoming call, even before the line is answered, the telephone number of the caller is shown on the screen in the POSnet order menu. In case of a regular customer, the name and address details are also displayed. This way you have more certainty when accepting telephone orders. Not unimportant is that the correct name and address are printed directly on the “Home Delivery” order in the kitchen. For regular customers you can look in the “customer history file” and see what that customer has previously ordered. As for large consumers, it is possible to add an automatic discount percentage to the individual customer account or charge sales to a debit customer account. POSnet for restaurants with food delivery offers a special “Delivery Boy” report that shows their Cash receptions and the average delivery time.

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PortaPOS Point-of-Sale Systems

PortaPOS point-of-sale systemen are well tested and supplied with the POSnet software preinstalled. The PortaPOS systems are supplied by professional companies in the area of automation with point-of-sale systems in the hospitality industry. PortaPOS cooperates with regional companies that can provide you local advise and support. Call or e-mail us for an address in your area.

PortaPOS Zenis POS 3000
Dares to be different…

– 15 inch TFT LCD 1024×768
– 5wired resistive touchscreen
– 1.6 Ghz processor
– 160 GB harddisk
– 1 LAN port
– 3 RS-232 ports
– 6 USB ports
– POSready operating system and
– POSnet software preinstalled

magstripe reader
I-button reader
RFID reader
Zenis customer display
Zenis thermal printer

glossy white
glossy black
glossy white with red front
glossy black with red front
I-button reader

PortaPOS Zenis printer

The PortaPOS printer is extremely fast by it’s ethernet connection to the POS terminal. This make it possible to print bar- and kitchenorders with text and icons but still stay fast. Easy drop-in replacement of the paper roll. Orders are printed with Table information, clerk name, time and date stamp. The products are always printed in clear black icons and text. No ink required for this thermal printer.

In restaurant kitchens can be chosen to print the kitchen orders with a duplicate so that the first ticket can be given out together with the starters while the duplicate stays behind.

PortaPOS MiniPOS
Powerful features on a small footprint…

– the compact all-in-one POS system in a trendy design
– 1.6Ghz processor
– 160GB harddisk
– 10.4 inch ELO touchscreen
– built-in thermal printer
– built-in customer display
– built-in i-button reader
– POS ready operating system preinstalled
– POSnet software preinstalled
– Available in the colours: black, white, blue of red

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De MaxiPOS

Het all-in-one horeca kassasysteem dat in alle opzichten zijn kleinere broer overtreft. Een snellere processor, meer werkgeheugen en een extra groot touchscreen zodat er meer toetsen op passen. Meer toetsen betekent minder bladeren dus sneller werken.
– ingebouwde thermische bonprinter
– ingebouwd klantendisplay
– ingebouwde kaartlezer
– ingebouwde i-buttonlezer
– ingebouwde RFID lezer
De MaxiPOS is uitermate geschikt als POSnet netwerk server die tegelijkertijd toegang verschaft aan een externe computer voor administratieve doeleinden.

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Magstripe Cards

Magstripe Cards, printed with your company logo are ideal for the use with customer functionality that point-of-sale systems offer with the help of the POSnet software, like: – giving customer discount in a percentage – giving customer discount through a separate price level – charge to customer account with a detailed account statement afterwards – just to be able and report on historical sales information by individual customer – the sales of prepaid credits onto a customer card, like a 25 x Coffee Card or a 10 x Suntan Card