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Why choose a certified POS?

PortaPOS point-of-sale systems aquire certification as trustworthy point-of-sale system.

On January 7th 2013 the introduction took place for the Quality Label “Trustworthy Point-of-Sale System”. In the press centre “Nieuwspoort” in The Hague this quality label (KBA) was presented for PortaPOS and other manufacturers.PortaPOS point-of-sale systems are available from a compact fastfood system to a full sized restaurant POS that works with graphic table layouts and mobile ordering devices at the table. Not unimportant to mention is that PortaPOS does not calculate any returning costsor fees for annual software licenses or updates.

Why choose a point-of-sale system with a quality label?

The quality label ensures the buyer that the calculations in reports and the sales figures to work with can be trusted. With that you have a better insight in your business and decisions taken can be well justified. You will notice irregularities, for example caused by fraude, quicker. You can exchange digital information or printed on paper with your accountant on every exact moment when it is required because real-time data is available always. A PortaPOS point-of-sale system registers, next to sales, also the gross value of costs for the give away items, loss/brokage and own use. Each of the more then 30 available report formats provides the ability to print to a thermal printer, to a A4 Windows printer and to export to a digital Excel, PDF or HTML file. The Quality Label gives you as buyer the guarantee that the point-of-sale system that you bought is tested and found to be trustworthy by a independent foundation, de “Stichting Betrouwbare Afrekensystemen” according to the Standard as formulated by a workforce of EDP auditors, the tax department and the coörporating parties in the market. More information at: HORECA TOTAAL, Januari 2013 Ton Harland Fotografie – Den Haag