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Kitchen Monitor System


Suitable for as well fastfood companies as restaurants

The PortaPOS KMS system is operated through it’s big 22 inch touch screen. The touch screen panel is made of glass which makes it easy to clean with different cleaning substances and it is better protected against scratching by the intensive use in kitchens.

Fastfood functionality

Orders that are entered on the point-of sale system randomly because the customer places his order that way, will be show on the KMS monitor in consolidated product lines and sorted by the type of product. Seperate colours can be used for showing products from different categories. This provides a good overview to scan the orders and quickly see how many portions of fries in total need to be baked for the next new orders.

Restaurant functionality

Table orders which are entered as seperate items and unsorted because they are entered at the table with a mobile ordering device seperately per person with a starter, a main course and dessert, are shown consolidated and sorted in courses on the Kitchen Monitor System. Special cooking instructions with a individual product will cause that the specific product it not automatically consolidated with the same products in this order. This gives a perfect overview on the tableorders in the kitchen. Especially interesting with the KMS system is that from the POS, the waiter is able to send the request to finish a specific course in a specific table order. That request is then shown in the original table order and course in a highlighted remark. In a normal situation a new kitchen order ticket would have been printed on a kitchen printer which could easily be overseen on busy hours.

The PortaPOS KMS system can be manually set with a custom number of collumns and font size. It is also possible to set a timer that starts orders to blink when no actions are taken after a certain amount of time.